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Do you want a dry and clean bathroom floor?

It is dangerous to have a slippery floor in bathroom and shower.

Worry no more!

With Diatomite Bath Mat – the super absorbent bath mat, there will be no more any drops of water on your bathroom floor anymore!
Diatomite, a kind of plankton living in lakes and oceans during the cretaceous period deposited as fossil over many years. It is a natural mineral that has numerous fine pores on the surface, which permeates to keep the surface dry. Natural diatomite (aka diatomaceous earth) is low-density, porosity, the hole count is 5000-6000 times than wood carbon.


  • SUPER FAST ABSORBENCY: The mat soaks up water immediately, and gets dry in a few minutes or sometimes seconds, keeps the floor dry and clean. Diatomite is made of phytoplankton (diatoms) as raw materials that have functioned as super absorbent. No need to worry about getting your floor wet after coming out of the shower.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE & EASY TO CLEAN: Just wash it with clean running water or wipe with a wet cloth or grinding the surface first when necessary. Then let it air-dry naturally. After drying, the diatomaceous bath mat will look the same as the new one. 
  • NATURAL DIATOMACEOUS EARTH – Diatomaceous / Diatomite bath mats are made from natural diatomite, which is without any harmful chemical substances. Providing a new green living by its super absorption of moisture, fast self-drying, deodorant, anti-slip, a must for your bathroom, kitchen or shower.
  • SLEEK & ANTI-SLIP - Its sleek yet earthy design will minimize the risk of slips and falls. You will be stepping on a cool slate like surface. It will be a fascinating experience to feel water being sucked right off your feet. Avoiding the risk of slipping off watery floor by absorbing away all the water.
  • DEODORANT: The long-term use of traditional mats can lead to bad smells, growing of bacteria & germs, which will be a great threat to your families’ health. The Diatomaceous mat does not add any harmful substances and bleach, natural green material. It’s the best choice for millions of families!




Condition: new
Material: Diatomite / Diatomaceous Earth
Fit for: Kitchen/Bedroom/Bathroom/Living Room
45cm x 35cm x 0.9cm
60cm x 39cm x
Colour: Beige / Blue / Marble design

Package Include:

1pc x Diatomaceous Bath Mat

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