Frozen Meat Slicer Hand Slicing Machine

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One common misconception about meat slicers is that they are to be used only for meat. However, this is not the case, as it can be used to with a variety of foods ranging from cabbage to onions to fish. It can be used for a variety of purposes in any home.

Meat Slicer Features:
Our meat slicer has a slice thickness uniformity, and rolling effect, easy operation.
Quickly cut hard thinning, such as: carrots, cucumber, potatoes, etc.
Easy to clean and convenient to move and carry.
Suitable for Frozen meat, beef, tomato and other vegetables slicing. Not suitable for fresh meat, and cheese.
Easy to clean and is perfect for home kitchens and restaurants.

Material: Premium Stainless Steel Material and PVC handle
Size: 450x20x9(mm)
Blade Length: 200mm
Weight: 2kg
Speed: 60 Slices /minute
Adjustable Slice Thickness: 0.3mm - 8mm

Package Included:
1x Meat Slicer
1x Allen Wrench
1x Replaceable Steel Blade
1x Use instruction

1.Our meat slicer can be used to cut frozen meat. also great for slicing some hard fruit thinning,such as carrots, cucumber, potatoes,tomato and other hard vegetables.Please notice that it CAN NOT work with fresh meat.
2.put it in water for long time or let it contact salt to avoid rust,please keep the meat slicer dry and clean after each use.
3.Blade Maintenance: After the blade clean, requires the use of cooking oil to rub the surface of the blade to prevent the blade iron.
4.Customer satisfaction is our first priority, If you have any question about our product,Please feel free to contact us,we will offer best customer Service.

Useful Tips When Using a Meat Slicer

1. Do not try to slice bone. It is important to only slice foods which do not contain bone. This can cause damage to your slicer.

2. Do not slice fully thawed meat. The best texture is one which is almost frozen. It is the same as if you were to slice chicken breasts in order to fillet them into very thin slices. Anyone who has tried to do this understands that it is very difficult to achieve a nice even cut when the meat is fully thawed. The same applies with a slicer. Trying to thinly slice foods which are, for lack of a better term, floppy – just doesn’t work.

3. Do not skimp on the cleaning. It is important that the parts has to be taken down seperately to clean after every use. This is an important part of maintenance. The better you keep it clean and in good condition, the longer it will last.

4. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Do not try to wash any part of your slicer in the dishwasher. The hard detergents are not suitable for these appliances. Instead wash with warm soapy water and do not rush this process in order to make sure all parts are completely dry before reassembly.

5. Do not slice foods with seeds. The seeds of other fruits such as peaches, avocados, apples, etc. can cause damage to your appliance.

6. When some people complain about their slicer not slicing smoothly for paper thin results, one should first ask if the food item is completely thawed. This can make a big difference in your results.


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Frozen Meat Slicer Hand Slicing Machine
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